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*i have bad anxiety attacks when trypophobia is explained in detail so please i beg of you do not mention it when you're talking to me.
*And I just have bad anixety all around so pls keep that in mind


Blood | 17 | March 10th , 2000 | Single | Senior high school student

Yours| Happy Birthday Blood by DevilsRealm
This journal doll was made by the qt DevilsRealm

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Gender Symbols - Female by TwinkJinx - Female

Things about me

Whoops aha I'm mostly a digital artist but I write sometimes. If you wanna see my writings head over to my AO3 ; I have the same username over there so I shouldn't be too hard to find. It's psychically impossible for me to hate things unless it's name is DIO. I act like a hardass and everything on the internet but trust me I'm a weenie so don't be afraid to talk to me!! I love talking to you guys!!! <333

I love u

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The Squad

Other nerds whom I love dearly

If I forgot you i'm sorry , Just remind me and I'll add you


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We picked up something weird | 13
The clerk explains to joseph the different nipples for a baby's bottle and one says NUK
Fim: I thought that said Nut
Me: ( I was like actually dying I was crying so hard bc I was laughing too hard)
Fim: I'll see myself out
Fim: I'm gonna leave now bye

Fim: Man the baby is set
Me: yeah Achtung baby would be like so great to have bc uyou could just scare the shit out of people
Me: For my next trick my hand will vanish
Me: bwOOM
Fim: Look at me I'm invisible

Me: Man if joseph would of known about Josuke he would of spent so much time with him
Fim: I wonder how Holly reacted to finding out she had a brother who was wAY younger
Fim: bc like Joseph loves his kids a lot
Me: I Hate japan but love my kids

Let's go to the manga artists house | ep.14-15
Me: Didn't hazamada and Koichi's parents tell them not to go into a strangers house?
Fim: These kids are dead

Me: (Imitaing Rohan) haha Life's a breeze when you have script editor as a stand

Rohan picks the spider up and begins to lick it
Fim:  aW EW
Me: I love rohan so much

Me: The best part about Rohan's character development is that he opens the blinds in his room instead of drawing in the dark ass room all day
Fim: Oh my god

When Rohan insulted Josuke's hair
Fim: Oh man Rohan boy did you make a mistake
Me: ya' done goofed boy
Josuke just punches Rohan and just destroys him and Koichi was like wow he was so angry he didn't even see it

After Josuke's hair explanation
Fim: I can't believe they gave an actual heart felt backstory about his hair
Me: That was Josuke's tragic anime backstory

Let's go hunting | Ep.16
I love how Josuke just assumes Jotaro is taking him babe hunting
Me: Jotaro, A married man, wants to take this 16 year old babe hunting
Me: someone actually made a comment about the fact you don't see a ring on jotaro's finger so people assumed he was divorced
Fim: aww he's already divorced?
Me: I'm not too sure but I know Jotaro doesn't have a picture of his wife and Jolyne on his desk i Pt5
Fim: Jotaro "I'll always cherish you Jolyne" Kujo
Fim: (like imitating Jotaro) Uh I don't have a picture of you Jolyne bc I could never forget that face
Me: I have a picture of my friends because most of them are dead
Fim: Why

Me: One of my favorite things about eyes of heaven is that Jolyne is in morioh with Jotaro like he's trying to spend more time with her this time
Fim: She might not go to prison this time
Me: Another thing is like if you have Kakyoin go up against pt4 Jotaro he's like how am I in my twenties
Fim: well we don't have to worry about that bc he's a alive and happy

Me: Jotaro would ruin spongebob for Jolyne with horribly accurate facts about the sea creatures
Me: Jolyne, Did you know that a sponge is made of a skeleton like material from dead fish
Fim: Jolyne, Did you know the goo la goon is physically impossible and should not exist
Fim: Jolyne, Did you know that Squidward isn't a squid but an octopus. He should be called Octopusward
Me: Octoward
Me: Jolyne, I shouldn't have to say this but fire is physically impossible to light underwater
Me: Jolyne, Did you know that Plankton's establishment, The chum bucket, is cannibalism due to the fact chum is made of dead fish
Fim: oh my god you're right

After Jotaro got hit with Ratt's needles
Me: Josuke, I would appreciate it if you healed me
Fim: I'm turning into a fleshy puddle help
Me: How am I going to explain this to jolyne
Me: daddy is half squishy now sweetie
Fim: I'm now mash potato's jolyne
Me: Thus ruining mash potato's for Jolyne

Shigechi's harvest | Ep.18 (Part 1)
Fim: (Sees how Harvest runs)
Fim: Me on Tuesday to get p5
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  • Watching: BrEATHES/ JOJO
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